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✅ RV Slideouts Repair (repairs to mechanical or seal replacements)
✅ RV Skylights (resealed or custom new or upgrades)
✅ RV Windows & Vents (resealed or custom new fitted or upgrades available)
✅ Other Custom RV Repairs/Upgrades available upon request.

Miscellaneous Repairs & Upgrades


We diagnose & repair all types of RV slideouts and can provide you all the common related problems whether Electric Motor Driven or Hydraulic Slides types. We can then teach you tips on how to properly care and maintain your RV Slideout so it will provide you good long-lasting service.

RV Slideouts are designed to be trouble free provided they are not totally neglected. A little preventative maintenance  can go a long way thus will typically minimize (if not completely eliminate) well known problems that can develope.

12-volt DC electrically driven types have a rack & pinion, or screw drive, chain, cable, track, scissor arms, etc. The other type is a hydraulic cylinder driven, which is either independently or driven in conjunction with a leveling system. Hydraulic types can have either a single or multiple cylinders per room. Either type can be intricate and differ slightly in the way they are built by their coachbuilders.

Common Problems that we often see

Most common problem with Slideout are can be directly related to a low voltage scenario. A strong battery bank is required for a slide to function optimally. If someone has ever used grease on your slides, there is a great chance that it has accrued dirt and/or other particles which will hinder its overall functionality. Most modern slideout rooms are built using sealed gearboxes that do not require lubricating. However, for other types we service, we only use the top quality lubricants you would expect and are careful to remove all excess remnants when finished.

Once professionally maintained, we demonstrate how to keep them clean. In the hydraulic rams and cylinders, we show you techniques as to wiping them down with a soft, clean cloth and lightly oiling, and finally removing any excess afterwards.

It is worth mentioning that we always recommend a functional slide out cover to help keep things clean & dry as possible. If you have a slide out cover now but it is leaky, we can repair or replace that for you at your location. See Awnings and Awning Repairs.


RV Window Replacement:

A broken RV window can put a serious damper on your travel plans. If your RV has a broken or heavily damaged window, please call us to learn more about your replacement options. We make it our business to offer high-quality products for a wide range of RVs. And we'll take the time to install your replacement window in a meticulous fashion.

Roof vent, skylights and fan replacement:

A non-operable vent or fan and a cracked or broken skylight needs to be replaced in order to keep your RV free from bugs and water intrusion.
We offer high-quality replacement roof vents, skylights and fans for a wide range of RVs.


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Contact us today with any questions you have about windows, vents or insect covers and we can assist you with accurate information based on your current type of RV or camper.

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