Oh No, I had my RV roof repaired and then it leaked after 4 weeks!

Happens all the time. You got an expensive RV Roof Repair or have done it yourself (DIY roof repair), and after a couple of weeks, you experience the same dilemma again – nasty leakage dropping on your face during a rain shower while you are trying to enjoy prime holiday time with your loved once. After inspecting the entire sealing again, you find out work was done not well.

That is one more final reason to call ELITE RV Roof Repair Services and get you once and for all a LIFETIME WARRANTY on your RV Roof – no leakages anymore – it pays off – and your next holidays are going to be great – that’s for sure ! Give us a call or drop us a email – we come to you and give you a FREE ESTIMATE – you’ll be surprised if you hear from our affordable Summer specials – don’t wait – Call: 352.476.5898


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